The delicious smell permeating through the restaurant is a combination of items on the menu like Kalbi beef tacos, Kimchi sausage, and SPAM musubi.

Marination Makai Restuarant is known for the best Hawaiian/Korean fusion food with their flavor combinations of seaweed, Kimchi, nunya sauce, marinated meats, and soy sauce; all ingredients that could be found in Hawaiian and/or Korean food.

Outside, you can hear the cold water splashing against the rocks on shore; the restaurant is located in the Alki Beach area of West Seattle.

Inside, the restaurant walls are filled with magazine covers and local events poster creating a colorful splash of color on a very plain, white wall; some of the posters are outdated from around Christmas and New Year.

I’m siting here on a blue plastic IKEA chair, anxiously waiting for one of the ten workers to shout out my name; I’ve never seen so many workers look tired but continue to smile at the same time.

I’m attentively watching the kitchen crew run around from the fridge to the stovetop, with their red t-shirts, trying to complete all the orders as fast as they can; the white order tickets line up like a row of dominoes.

It’s crowding up pretty fast with other hungry patrons assembling in line, waiting to either place or pick-up an order; some tap their feet while others review the menu.

The long line of patrons are louder than the action happening inside the busy kitchen area.

One female patron tells another male patron, “That is good. I got that last time”, affirming the Kalbi beef sliders are a great choice.

My stomach is grumbling with excitement for this katsu burger; a deep fried panko crusted pork cutlet, marinated cabbage coleslaw, with homemade katsu sauce on toasted Ciabatta bread.




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