Papaya Salad with Shrimp

Every so often, I crave papaya salad so bad, that I would eat it everyday for a week. I would get my fix by either going to a restaurant or making it at home. I start at three stars out of five in spiciness then gradually move to “Asian” spicy. Then, I can’t eat or think about it for a month mainly because my stomach is mad at me.

Papaya salad can be found at Thai, Laotian, and Vietnamese restaurants. Every restaurants has their variation but it’s usually made very spicy and eaten with rice. I mean, you can do the 1 star or no stars, but really what’s the point? It’s suppose to be hot, sour, salty, and sweet all at the same delicious time. That, of course, is my opinion and I’m sure others would dispute.

Depending on the style, sometimes you can find the addition of green beans, jerky, or shrimp. Also, sometimes different fish sauces like fermented anchovies or small crabs is used also. You can also switch out the papaya for green mangoes or green apples. Making it requires a huge mortar and pestle. And one by one, each ingredient is added and “pounded” together.

If you have a bucket list for food, this is definitely one to add but please add a little spice.



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