Filipino Delicacy: The Balut Egg

What is balut you ask? Depends on who we’re asking. To my grandparents, it was a necessity in order to “remain strong” while working in the hot fields. To my parents, it’s a nostalgic reminder of their childhood in their birth country, The Philippines. To my sister and I, it’s something to AVOID! Scurry upstairs and lock your bedroom door while your dad chases you with the chick. OMG. Run, I said RUN ARGGGH!!!! … Ahem.

For those of you who don’t know, balut is a duck egg, boiled until tender. It is eaten out of its shell and is quite a delicacy back home. It has four edible parts: the soup inside the shell, the yellow yolk part, the hard white part, and the fertilized duck embryo. (I don’t believe the shell itself is not edible regardless of what my dad says.)

Growing up, I did not like balut. Its scary looking! I mean, that’s a mini duck with hair on it! I’d rather goat eyes. (Yes, I’ve eaten goat eyes.) But my parents always insisted that I at least try everything food at least once otherwise they warned, “How do you know you don’t like?”. They seriously made me try everything and I’m actually thankful they did.

Long story short, yes I’ve eaten a WHOLE balut. Did I like balut you ask? Hell no but at least I tried it. I insist you do too 🙂



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